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Great Train Extravaganza - December 8th 2024

Here are some of the modeling activities that our members are working on during our Division activity hiatus. Click on the members name to go to their page to see what they have been working on

Mark Sklar

Like most I have had a lot more time than usual to work on modelling. I have been working on 3D drawings and working with my 3D printer and successfully printed the NYCS signal bridge. I painted a couple and took some pictures.

I'm still working with the 3D printer. The printer is amazing. The first picture is an N scale mountain goat and longhorn sheep made for Doug's Great Northern layout. Doug painted them and they look fantastic. And yes that is a real penny they are standing on. The other picture is the first test print of a 60 foot heavy weight RPO car. It is specific to the New York Central. I did the drawings based on a brass model and pictures I have. It has all the rivets and panels. The diagonal lines are an artifact that will not be on future prints. Some windows need better supports to print square. Overall I am pleased with the progress so far. Keep modelling, stay safe and sane.

Hope all of you are staying safe. For you D&H officienatos, I weathered a GP38-2 for a friend. If the picture appears strange it is a 2 rail O gauge sitting on my HO gauge layout. The road number was changed from 7321 to 7322, so the sides and number boards were changed. The small herald on the front and rear was added. This thing seems massive compared to HO!

Wednesday June 3rd -Hello All, I have been doing drawings of the RPO undercarriage the last 2 weeks. Yesterday I printed it and it came out better than I thought it would. All the air pipes and linkages printed well, even the hinges and handles on the battery boxes were perfect. All the detail seen in the pictures was printed as is, no assembly was required. Just paint and add couplers and trucks. I'm going to try to draw and print the trucks next.

Wednesday July 29th - I have been refurbishing a brass loco. It is a NYCS K-5a Pacific. The paint was stripped off, fixed the gear drive, rewound the motor to reduce the stall current and added lights and DCC sound. Also I cut the tender in half to extend it to represent a later version with 3 axle trucks. The tender shown has the speaker and light installed and is done except for weathering and a coupler. The boiler and chassis is painted, decaled, and lights are installed, getting ready to reassemble.

I used brass sheet stock and soldered it together. Also rivets were added using Micromark rivet decals.

Sunday August 30th - I have finally finished restoring the brass NYC K5 Pacific. It was a lot of work, and it now runs well. It has a TCS WOW decoder and TCS speaker. This speaker produces by far the best sound of any sound locomotive I own, amazing.

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