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Great Train Extravaganza - December 3rd 2023

Here are some of the modeling activities that our members are working on during our Division activity hiatus. Click on the members name to go to their page to see what they have been working on

James Lauser

I finally got some motivation to work on a few miscellaneous tasks on some of my locos, including replacing a coupler on one of my "new" Broadway Limited D&H RF-16As... Part way through I dropped a screw into the chassis. I figured I could probably shake it out, but I didn't even hear it rattling around. Pop the shell, start rooting around inside... Of course the screw found its way to the speaker and got stuck on the permanent magnet.

After a very long hiatus and a few design revisions, I finally got back to building my logging branch. No, this track isn't laid wrong... The logging branch is supposed to be nearly bankrupt and stopped doing anything more than the bare minimum of track maintenance many years ago. The track I'm using is Micro Engineering HO Code 70 preweathered flex track. This stuff is so rigid, it'll hold curves and kinks like this just fine, and maintain absolutely perfect track gauge. My test train ran over it just fine, albeit slowly. Also, no, that last picture isn't crooked... The locomotive is sitting on an brief 8.2% incline. My Bachmann Shay tackles it with barely a sweat (helped out by some Bullfrog Snot on the center truck) It actually has more trouble going downhill rather than up... Slop in the motor gears make it really jerky. The track against the wall is part of a switchback on the logging pike, and will be mostly hidden behind trees when I actually install scenery.

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