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Great Train Extravaganza - December 3rd 2023

Here are some of the modeling activities that our members are working on during our Division activity hiatus. Click on the members name to go to their page to see what they have been working on

Lloyd Coon

What I’ve Been Working On

Even here in my Winter home of Chattanooga, Tennessee we were locked down for a bit during the height of the virus. Thought I would try my luck at reworking two cars in my scrap pile. They were two TYCO boxcars that I had no use for at all. I cut the tops down to the frame and discarded them. Then reworked the old truck mounted coupler mounts and fashioned frame mounted coupler pockets. Installed Kadee # 148 Whisker couplers to the adjusted pockets, that worked better than I thought. Now on to the flat car decks. I wanted a rustic appearance so I fastened wood runners to the old boxcar frame and glued individual sticks crosswise on the runners to create a rustic looking wood deck. Then I made aprons for the deck out of thin wood strips to hide the ends of all the cross deck pieces. After painting I felt comfortable with the look. Also built, fastened and painted bunk mounts to hold the generators on the flat car deck. The generators themselves are made from dish soap squeeze bottle tops, cut down and glued together. A little silver/grey paint made them look new. Attached pictures show two flat cars now ready for use out of basically junk. I hope to run these cars at our next modular show here in the Tennessee/Georgia area.

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