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Great Train Extravaganza - December 3rd 2023

Here are some of the modeling activities that our members are working on during our Division activity hiatus. Click on the members name to go to their page to see what they have been working on

Bob Mohowski

Commenting on Rich's crane project above:

Your American Crane project reminded me of a story involving such a machine on the CP. Somewhere in the Canadian Rockies an M of W crew was at work when a grizzly bear showed up and chased a workman. He headed for the crane and climbed the boom. These bears, unlike black and/or brown bears, cannot climb very well however the bear hung around the base. The worker fortunately had some fusees. He struck one and the sulfurous fumes discouraged the bear. I think the story was in TRAINS Magazine. I've always carried a fusee in my fanny pack when hiking after that. To my surprise, I've seen more bears when I hiked in NJ and only one in the ten years I've been up here.

Gents - A safety idea. I've soaked two rags in denatured alcohol and keep them in plastic bags in each car. I rub them on my hands every time I leave the car and wipe down the steering wheel and all surfaces I've touched before entering the house. Also have a "dirty table' where incoming items are place before a wipe down with such rags before they come further into the house. Just a thought.

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